Mythodea / First Night at the"Salty Stick" Tavern - Großer Eröffnungsabend der Taverne "Salty Stick"


Germany: The East Blackwood Company wants to invite you to celebrate the opening of their new tavern near the Black Pier and the trade possibilities it brings. Come enjoy a night of drink, games, and merriment as we celebrate the First Night at the Salty Stick.

A long afternoon of drinking to toast the Grand Opening of the East Blackwood and Realms Embassy in the Western Seal, Ambassador Dagger, Sayeh, Djako, Marik and Varn sat down with Sir Valdemar and Fia of the Bracar Keltoi to finish off the remaining stock of wine... One thing led to another and soon the idea for a tavern came about. Fia named it, The Salty Stick!  

Last year, the East Blackwood Company requested the right to build a small harbor and tavern along the Blauerstorm River just south of Drachenbrück, Zweiwasser. Margrave Balor the Red granted the E.B.Co permission. As soon as a small rebellion was put down in the region, construction began.

Now, that tavern has been completed and the East Blackwood Company is inviting merchants, sell-swords, travelers, tradesmen and women from all around to come and enjoy a weekend of revelry.  Yet with every small success comes with the possibility of those who would use those small victories for their benefit. If those moments will be for the betterment of the Realm or not remains to be seen.

The Salty Stick Tavern

The Salty Stick Tavern is located near the Black Pier just south of the City of Drachenbrück.  Drachenbrück the capital of the Margravate of Zweiwasser within the Realm of Roses.  

In the small hamlet that has started to spring up near the Black Pier in the shadow of Drachenbrück is also an East Blackwood Company warehouse. 

The Proprietor

Marik Fulgrimson is a Merchant and Harbormaster of the East Blackwood Company as well as a Guard of the Embassy Guard.  He is also, the proprietor of The Salty Stick. For more information on Marik, click on this link.

Picture by Ingo

Fia of the Bracar Keltoi

The Salty Stick by Fia.  We are sure that there will be on a sign or card somewhere.  Fia is the creative inspiration for the establishment of The Salty Stick.  Without her, the East Blackwood Company would not be opening a tavern on the Blauerstrum River running through Zweiwasser. 

First Night at the "Salty Stick" Tavern - Großer Eröffnungsabend der Taverne "Salty Stick"

Official Live Adventure Settler’s Con/Event

CVJM Feriendorf Herbstein
Ernst-Klotz-Weg 1, (PLZ: 36358, Hessen)

bis 20.3.2020 

50 EUR SCs


Email für Anmeldung:  info [at]

Anmeldeschluss 20.03.2020

More Info/Anmeldung


  • Light food will be offered along with basic non-alcoholic drinks as part of the ticket price.
  • Various gambling options will be provided.
  • VIP Section will be presented.  More information on that area to come. 
  • Corsican Mug Tournament to be held.  More information on that to come. 
  • A covered outside area will be built for smokers and those wishing to sit down outside.
  • We are currently looking to provide some sort of musical entertainment. More on that to come. 
  • Alcohol will be provided at the cost of Tavern Cards.  Cards will be valued at 10 Euro per card.  A detailed price list is to follow.

Wine Card:  (Supplies Limited)

  1. Riesling
  2. Rose'
  3. Dry Red
  4. Dry Red
  5. Port
  6. Mead


  1. Zöttelbard
  2. (More details to Come)

Schnaps and Spirits:

  1. (More details to come)