Events / Cons

This section contains a list of Upcoming Events that the Embassy will have members attend.

Dieser Abschnitt enthält eine Liste der bevorstehenden Veranstaltungen, an denen die Mitglieder der Botschaft teilnehmen werden.

Germany: The time has come for the summer campaign in Mythodea. The Blackwood and Realms Embassy, and the East Blackwood Company will be attending.

Germany: The Blackwood and Realms Embassy will be attending the Convent of the Elements where several meetings will be taking place.

Germany: The East Blackwood and Realms Embassy will be on the move early next year. Their primary objective is to support Margrave Balor the Red in his trials to become the new Archon of Thornes.

France: Sapphire House in Triskel, Nova Bretonia, within the Realm of Roses, will be hosting a few guests over a weekend in the fall.

Germany: After an informative journey to Moringaard, the East Blackwood Embassy has decided to send the East Blackwood Company back to aid the warriors of the Army of Light in their war against the Dead. This will be a merchant's mission with Company work being defended by the Embassy Guard.

Germany: Bødwar, known Beer Hunter, is celebrating his birthday at way station and lodge in the Western Seal of Mythodea. Several people from East Blackwood and other friends will be attending.

Zweiwasser will host a gathering at the end of summer where Ambassador Dagger will be attending. More information to come...

France: As a diplomatic mission set up by Representative Sayeh of Sapphire Isle, Ambassador Dagger and East Blackwood will be traveling to the ancient home of many Western Seal people, Nova Bretonia.

Germany: The East Blackwood Embassy and East Blackwood Company will be traveling to the Mittellande soon to see what possibilities are there. Ambassador Dagger had traveled the Mittellande during his first years in the lands far East. Now that Sir Dagger is an ambassador and leader of a trading company, Blackwood has returned.