Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle

At the Summer Campaign 16 Jahre n.d.E, Baroness Sayeh met with the Vice Admiral of the Seehandelsgilde to discuss her potential of being a member.  The Vice Admiral was in general agreement suggesting that Sayeh returns for the Convent the following year to be sworn in by the collective captains of the Guild.  Sayeh officially joined, with her ship the "Jasmine" the S.H.G the following summer.

Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle,

Representative of the East Blackwood Embassy,

Merchant of the East Blackwood Company,

Member of the Seehandelsgilde

Sayeh lives most of the year in the Realms (of Valehaven), attending to matters in the Kingdom of Blackwood. She is the Baroness of Sapphire Isle, given to her by her late mother and adopted sisters, and is also building a port at sea on what is known as the Dark Isle, a providence of Blackwood. Often Sayeh writes to Ambassador Dagger to keep him informed of the news in Blackwood, and also does her best to keep Blackwood informed of what is happening in Mythodea. She will travel to Mythodea once a year to report for His Majesty and to meet with the Ambassador. ...