East Blackwood Company District, Copperdale

East Blackwood Company Guild District, Copperdale

The Guild District

Through the East Blackwood Company, the Embassy has secured a small district in the Northern Seal City of Copperdale in the lands formerly known as the Protectorate of Lunorth.  The district is near the river and includes an East Blackwood and Realms Deputation Building, a Kutscher Gilde stables and carriage house, mercenary barracks, training grounds, housing and more.

District Administrator Don Anthem DeVigil, Del HORD

At a recent Convent of the Elements, Don Anthem requested a home in the East Blackwood Company's new Copperdale district. Ambassador Dagger offered him the administration of the district. As of now, Don Anthem is the District Administrator of the E.B.Co. Guild District, Copperdale.