East Blackwood Company

East Blackwood Company

The East Blackwood Company was officially founded during the Convent of the Elements (2018).  The founding was proclaimed during the Realm of Roses Trade Summit.  As of now, the East Blackwood Company, or E.B.Co., will take over the majority of all trade-related concerns and contracts on behalf of the East Blackwood and Realms Embassy.

Business and Trade of the East Blackwood Company

Logistical and Military Support for War Marshal Kronenburg

For a year it had been the plan of the E.B.Co to venture into the war fronts of Moringaard to offer logistical support to the war effort of the living.  When they arrived, however, they were asked to do more by War Marshal Kronenburg.  The Embassy Guard took over the role of Bastion's Watch and the E.B.Co provided logistical support for Kronenburg.

Trade Meeting with the Iron Daggers

In the spring of Realms Common Year 1020, the Coterie of the Iron Daggers met with the E.B.Co to discuss payment options for Copperdale Contract completed at the end of the previous year.  A payment option will be written in the near future.  Further discussions over the potential of a long term business relationship also took place during this meeting.

Maneuver In No-Man's-Land

During a turbulent year of natural disasters which prevented massive campaigns, the East Blackwood Company supported Zweiwasser and various fiefdoms of the Realm of Roses in training mission into the border zone between the Black Ice territory and the Realm of Roses.

Castilani Relations

The East Blackwood Company has no official relations with the Castilani...

Trade Talks about Porto Leonis

During the meeting between the leaders of the East Blackwood Company and the Mitrasperanische Hanse met to discuss trade relations with Porto Leonis. The E.B.Co explained what Porto Leonis had requested during the Green Meint and during that conversation representatives of Porto Leonis came to the Hanse camp to request the same. The E.B.Co explained the issue that Leonis had with the original Hanse deal to which Tares laughed stating that that was not what was offered.  In the end it would seem that continued discussions concerning Porto Leonis should take place.

Scriminova Trade Kontor

During the Summer Campaign, Realms Year 1019, the East Blackwood Company followed up on their work to recieve a Trade Kontor in Scriminova after meeting with Protector Glabius.  A formal request was written, signed, sealed and delivered during the days that followed.

Ingra Trade Deal

During the Convent of the Elements, Realms Year 1019, the East Blackwood Company met with Ingra and Master Murial of the Eastern Seal to finalize a trade deal concering the transporation of goods.  With all E.B.Co resources in place and extra sercurity forces ordered, the deal was closed with a large payment of ale and the standard fees. 

Handelshaus De’Goa

Djako of the E.B.Co opened relations with the De’Goa during the Convent of the Elements, Realms Year 1019.  No formal deals were made but the E.B.Co looks forward to a future working relationship with the company. 

Lunorth Opertunities

The Lord Protector of Lunorth met with the East Blackwood Company several times to speak about potential opertunities within Lunorth during the Convent of the Elements, Realms Year 1019. One such opertunity was the potential to own land and produce resources but it would require becoming a titled member of the nobility under the Lord Protector. 

Porto Leonis and Trade?

Towards the end of the Convent of the Elements in Mythodea, Realms Year 1019, the leader of Porto Leonis approached Dagger of Blackwood about problems he had heard the Ambassador and Trade Leader had with his city The conversation was rather long and it detailed the issues the E.B.Co had with Porto Leonis.  The leader of Porto Leonis explained that the political and trade landscape had changed in Porto Leonis and that such things were no longer as they were when last Dagger spoke with a diplomat or the city.  Dagger presented the E.B.Co’s buisness platform and the two agreed to speak further in five weeks time during the Summer Campaign. 

Buisness with Caradoc

At the start of the Convent, Realms Year 1019, Caradoc and the E.B.Co visited each other many times to work on business.  The first meeting happened when a merchant of the Caradoc approached the company about the advertisment posted within the Herold. The first constract discussion was about mercinaries and later on discussions continued about possible buisness opertunities culminating in a request from the East Blackwood Company for shipscrew for The Jasmine, Sayeh of Saphire Isle’s ship.

Cathair and Tamina of Pirmas

During the recent wedding of Cathair and Tamaia in Pirmas, the E.B.Co extended a hand of commerce offering that the E.B.Co would be happy to handle matters of trade on behalf of Cathair and Tamina should they ever agree to settling in the Eastern Seal of Mythodea.  Following the offer, Ambassador Dagger sealed the marraige contract with the E.B.Co seal.

River Trade with Stordon von Zackenburg

During the campaign to Khal’Hatra, Ambassador Dagger met with Stordon von Zackenburg to discuss the River Trade Deal which the E.B.Co has been proposing for a year now.  Stordon corrected Dagger explaining that the E.B.Co will not be buying up trade instead it will be allowed to trade within the river lines. During talks with Feite Münzer and Stordon von Zackenburg, the Realm explained that the river, the Blauer Storm, was in some places not wide or deep enough to support the increased logistics of high volume river trade. The E.B.Co offered their assistance after the Convent of the Elements in the preparation of the river. 

Hanse E.B.Co Deal Part 1

During the War of Ashes in Khal’Hatra, the East Blackwood Company met with Tares O’Grady Windschreiter and invited him to the E.B.Co meeting.  Due to complications with his son’s health, Tares was unable to attend.  However, after speaking with Tares on a few occations during the campaign, it appears that Tares will be joining the East Blackwood Company at the Convent of the Elements.  Likewise, Ambassador Dagger will be fully joining the Hanse.

Künstler-gilde Talks

As was said the prior year, the Fire Dancers would once again be on the Bluthatz. After sending a letter to Xy’kara Duara Alfannanin and not recieving a replay for several months, Dagger set out with the E.B.Co and Embassy to join the Bluthatz were he was able to meet with the Künstler in person.  Discussions were had on the subject of the instruments requested by Dagger and a meeting later in the year will take place during the Summer Campaign. 

Trade of Knowledge

During a short stop in the Mittlelande, the E.B.Co met the "Graf Beriad de Elin, Reichsrichter zu und Hüter des Wissens“ and his assistant.  Discussions of trade in wine and knowledge took place culminating in a trade perposal which will be brought before the S.H.G and the Crown of Blackwood for review. 

Meisterin Muriel Contract

During the Terra Tunnel project and Summer Campaign 16 Jahre n.d.E., the E.B.Co worked closely with Meisterin (Master) Murial Brillantherz of the Zottelbärten Clan.  Knowing full well the Master’s skill and knowledge with mining and other projects involving stone, Ambassador Dagger requested her assistance and wrote out a contract for her.  She wishes primarily to be paid in instruments.  This is a leap of faith on her part as Dagger made the agreement without knowing for sure if he could get them.

Pan Mythodean Trade Summit

Once again the Roses’ Master of Coin invited the merchants, trade houses and ministers of finance of Mythodea to a trade meeting at the Realm of Roses Camp.  The E.B.Co being among the invited parties arrived with the Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle.  Raul, the Roses’ Master of Coin, gave a short speech and let the summit begin.  The E.B.Co aproached various traders including Ben Al Habib and managed to move some lumber in exchange for iron while the Baroness met with the Voice of the West.

At the end of the Summit, the great road from Schönweiler to the Western Seal was announced by Raul and Ambassador Dagger called to present it.

Handelshaus Al Habib

During the construction of the Terra Tunnel to the island of the World Forge, the E.B.Co had the chance to speak with Ben al Habib of the Trade House Al Habib about potential trade arrangements. It was the wish of Ben that the conversation continue during the summer campaign 16 Jahre n.d.E.  During this campaign at the Pan Mythodean Trade Summit, the E.B.Co worked with Al Habib in an atempt to push and Iron deal but the Al Habib partner was not prepared to trade away more of its iron.

Terra Tunnel Invoices

After the East Blackwood Company was chosen to lead the above ground contsruction site for the reparing of the Terra Tunnel, Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood, the Leader of the E.B.Co., placed an order for a specialized team of artisans from the M.H.  This team was to be paid by the Trossmeisterei.  Other matters of pay concerning the Terra Tunnel Workers were also discussed and handled.  

Seehandels-gilde Contract

At the Convent of the Elements, The East Blackwood and Realms Embassy made a contract with Seehandelsgilde for the transportation of personel and the converstion of goods to coin at S.H.G Ports.  

Dagger of Blackwood also requested that the Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle be given the chance to join the S.H.G.  The Governor, Frances agreed to the possibility provided Sayeh was the captain of her own ship.  It is the hope of the Embassy that this be made possible during the Summer Campaign at the World Forge Fotress.

Münzquell Trade Relations

Important contacts were made within the Münzquell prior to their judgment by the main religious and secular rulers of Mythodea.  The people of Münzqeull have been reportedly told to convert, leave this city or die.  Until this matter can be resolved, all potential E.B. Co. deals with the Münzquell will be put on hold.  

During the Realm of Roses Trade Summit, Hjord, a Mead Trader and Trade Representative of the Münzquell, spoke for Dagger of Blackwood commending his abilities and presenting him as a preferred option for the role of above-ground construction on the Terra Tunnel to the World Forge. If the E.B. Co. can aid the merchants of Münzquell in any way, they will attempt to do so as they did when they facilitated a meeting between Hjord and the Kutscher Gilde.

Donner Flotte Captains join the East Blackwood Company

During the birthday celebration of Rumbums Rudi, the Gunner of the Schwankende Rumfass, the captain of that ship, Captain Übermorgen, joined the East Blackwood Company an likewise his First Mate, Alexander Lawrence, did the same as the E.B.Co's liaison to the Schwankende Rumfass.  Captain Ava Oddmir of the Tyra Lorena offered her navigator, Thalla Jorah to join as liaison to the Tyra Lorena.

The Schwankende Rumfass is not only an armed galleon but it has also been converted into a floating rum distillery.  Talks were started about potential trade options for the future.

Blackwood Trade East

At the Feast of Blackwood, Realms Common Year 1019, Ambassador Sir Dagger and Representative Sayeh met with the King, Queen, and Prince of Blackwood to discuss trade going east.  The Kingdom of Blackwood will be supporting and persuing deepened trade with, at least, the Seehandelsgilde going forward.

De’Goa Breakfast

Duke Beria of the East Blackwood Company was sent to the Trading Company De’Goa to discuss further trade.  The result was that the duke ordered breakfast for the East Blackwood Embassy...

Porto Leonis Trade

Having started a conversation about trade at the Convent of the Elements earlier in the year, Dagger and Djako of the E.B.Co visited the Porto Leonis war camp to speak with Ulrich von Hochkammer to discuss trade.  The E.B.Co presented their Trade List service to which Urlich requested ships.  The request was noted and later brought to the Mitrasperanische Hanse.  

Trade Offer to Xarann

During the Convent of the Elements, Realms Year 1019, the E.B.Co made a trade offer to Xarann. Time was not on the side of the two parties however further attempts to build a trade relationship will continue in the future. 

Pan Mythodean Trade Summit

Once again during the Convent of the Elements, Realms Year 1019, the Realm of Roses hosted this event. Merchants from all around Mythodea and beyond were present along with dignitaries, lords and ladies.  Mixed in with a variety of entertainments was the chance to trade and make contracts with merchants and nations of Mythodea. The E.B.Co was also present at this meeting.

Sciminova and Gales Morgan

Since before the establishment of the East Blackwood Company, Dagger of Blackwood had worked for Lord Protector Glabius of Sciminova within Mythodea’s Northern Seal. The Lord Protector has yet to pay his debt to Dagger but offered him an opportunity after meeting with him during the Convent of the Elements, Realms Year 1019. A Trade Kontor within Sciminovo was offered if the E.B.Co could complete a task. That task was completed within three hours of having received it.

Creathone Delivers Resources for Trade

During the Convent of the Elements, Realms Year 1019, Sayeh of Sapphire Isle delivered the trade mark listing the resources delivered to Seehandelsgilde ports to be purchased effectively helping secure East Blackwood and Realms Embassyfinances for another year.  The mark was later delivered to the S.H.G for their documentation.

Handelshaus Al'Habib

Ben Al’Habib stopped by the East Blackwood Embassy and Company camp during the Convent of the Elements, Realms Year 1019, to discuss general business including the East Blackwood Company’s contracting service. The conversation lasted much longer than just the general business talks moving into matters of news of the Groll merchant family who had been accused of mining and selling an illegal resource as well as contracting the murder of the Archon of the West.

River Trade in Zweiwasser

The E.B.Co. officially supports Balor the Red in his quest to become the new Archon of Thornes.  To that end, the E.B.Co spoke with Briceus von Thalgrund, Kastellan der Altmark in der Markgrafschaft Zweiwasser, Ritter des Ordens von Rosen und Dornen about trade opertunities in the near future. 


During the recent campaign to Kahl'hatra, the East Blackwood Company was approached by Agnar Halmarson and his shield brother to discuss trade opportunities.  Later during the campaign, the Jarnsfolke were invited to attend the E.B.Co trade meeting.  The Jarnsfolke were in attendance. 

M. Hanse and E.B.Co Meeting

The East Blackwood Comapny will be inviting Tares O'Grady, the Leader of the Hanse, to a meeting with the East Blackwood Company in the spring of 1019.  At the meeting plans for the future of both companies will be discussed.  All decisions will be made final a month or two later during the Convent of the Elements in Mythodea. 

Hanse Invoice and Gift

Though it took several days to accomplish, the E.B.Co was able to deliver the Terra Tunnel Invoice which would be paid by the E.B.Co within three weeks after the Trossmeisterei paid them.  The Invoice also declared that a portion of that payment would be held back as fees.  This was accepted as the E.B.Co presented Terras, the Master of the Hanse, with the gift of his own personalized company seal.

Hanse and E.B.Co Partnership 

After the E.B.Co's gift, designed on Sapphire Isle, was delivered to the Hanse, Terras met with the E.B.Co in the Western camp where they discussed the renegotiation of their contract.  Terras suggested that he become part of the E.B.Co and that Ambassador Dagger becomes a full member of the Hanse.  This merger like situation would grant the E.B.Co all resources of the Hanse including access to contracts and the Hanse would gain the particular ability of the E.B.Co to network and do business. The deal will be discussed between the E.B.Co and the Embassy.

Great Road Invoice 

During the starting stages of the Road Building Project, some resources were needed that were not at that time available to the E.B.Co.  The Ambassador and his assistant Mistress Skie acquired these resources but payment was still needed for them.  The Road Invoice was first delivered to the Realm of Roses Master of Coin and discussed then.  Later the progress of the Road and any issues with it were discussed with the Zweiwasser Chancellor.  By the end of the Summer Campaign 16 Jahre n.d.E it is the understanding of the E.B.Co that the Invoice will be paid. 

R.d.R River Trade Deal

Although the E.B.Co was not able to meet with the Baron Fiete Münzer of Schönweiler or speak with the Margrave Balor der Rote about the river trade deal during the Summer Campaign this year, Ambassador Dagger was able to speak to Lord Zackenburg about it briefly.  In about a months time it is the hope of both Zackenburg and the E.B.Co that talks will continue on this matter after the dust from the campaign has settled and the road is completed. 

Realm of Roses Trade Summit

Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood was invited to the Realm of Roses Trade Summit during the Convent of the Elements.  In attendance were over 40 representatives of trade companies, guilds, and lands.  During the conference, Dagger introduced himself, the Roses Road Project and announced the founding of the E.B.Co.  This meeting was followed by a separate meeting the day after to discuss the repairs to the Terra Tunnel which leads to the World Forge.

The Kettles and Copperdale

The Governor of Copperdale and member of the Kettles, Doctor Niele Forbonte offered the newly founded East Blackwood Co.  a position in Copperdale’s Guild Council and the ownership of a city district within Copperdale.  After reviewing the contract of Copperdale,  Dagger of Blackwood and Leader of the E.B.Co. signed the document and established the E.B.Co. as a guild within Copperdale.  A later contract for the records of the E.B.Co. was prepared and signed by both parties. 

Don Anthem DeVigil has been named the Guild Leader of the E.B.Co. Copperdale District.  He has begun plans for the construction of various buildings within E.B.Co.’s portion of the city.  This construction has been paid for and will be built by the Kutscher Guild. 

Doc. Niele Forbonte has also offered Zoll Marks to Dagger should the E.B.Co. require them in an important project such as the Terra Tunnel repairs.  He has also asked that the E.B.Co. trade Copperdale’s resources on the Kettle’s behalf.  

Trade Relations with the Kutschergilde

On the advice of Captain Bo Angusson of the Seehandelsgilde, Dagger of Blackwood met with the Kutschergilde to explain his business ideas some months prior to the Convent of the Elements (2018).  During the Convent, the work with and for the Kutschers continued.  Ambassador Dagger facilitated several meetings with various traders and even served as a mediator for a meeting between the Land Hanse, a daughter company of the Mitrasperanische Hanse, and the Kutschergilde.  

The Kutscher has proven to be a valuable ally and business partner.  As a gift to the E.B.Co., the leader of the Kutscher, Sir William, has agreed to pay for and build/remodel the E.B.Co.’s new district within Copperdale based on the designs of Don Anthem DeVigil.  

Request of Blackwood for Silver and Gold

In order to found the embassy and the foundation of the E.B. Co.,  Ambassador Dagger is writing the King of Blackwood and its lords to request raw gold and silver to be delivered to S.H.G. ports near Mythodea for conversion into Mythodean currency. 

Kutscher Deal

During Ambassador Dagger's second attempt to take part in the Bluthatz at the Holdt, Dagger was able to meet with Master William Kutscher the head of the Kutscher Guild. Private agreements were made for future investments and potential projects.   

Fjordstadt Deal

During this year’s campaign into the Hohld, Dagger of Blackwood met with Noam of the Fjordstadt,  During their handful of conversations, Noam agreed to help Dagger build ships out of Porto Leonis which could then be sailed down to the Blauerstorm River for use in the E.B. Co.  Continued discussion on this topic must take place regarding costs and logistics.  It was also the wish of Noam of the Fjordstadt that the E.B. Co. and by extension the Embassy, work with his guild on various trade ventures throughout Mythodea in the future. 

Contract Suggestion and Trade Discussions

During the Fest der Funf, Ambassador Dagger and Castellan Briceus von Thalgrund met to discuss trade and land deals. Briceus made the suggested offer of free lumber for construction projects and the potential of construction projects in the near future.  Further discussions on an East Blackwood settlement also took place.

Shelter Proposal

During a mission to Nova Bretonia, Ambassador Dagger offered that the East Blackwood Company build an animal shelter for the Lady Chloé at a special prices for friends of the E.B.Co. The offer was made to Lady Azela the betrothed of the Voice of the West.

Payment offer to the Iron Daggers

Ambassador Dagger, after granting Ceallach of the O'Annid residence rights for the E.B.Co guild district in Copperdale, requested that Cea deliver a letter to Doctor Forbonte who was East Blackwood's contact in Lunorth.  Cae delivered the letter, a payment offer, directly to the Iron Dagger's instead after informing the doctor that the letter was there.

Iron Daggers Aid and Offer

The Iron Daggers who had come to know the East Blackwood Company during the summer campaign of 17 J.n.d.E and were offered a contract to clean up the E.B.Co’s Copperdale district.  They did so and took the liberty of expanding the E.B.Co’s district.  To that end they have requested a different deal than the one previously agreed upon. 

Kutscher Investment

The Kutschergilde has agreed to invest up to 80% of the costs required to build the Salty Stick Tavern just south of Drachenbrück Zweiwasser.

River Trade

The East Blackwood Company continues to attempt to improve their trade incomes on the Blauersturm River within the Realm of Roses.  Dagger met with a merchant from Schönweiler to speak about trade possibilities. The E.B.Co also spoke with the Jarnsfolk from further up the river in Zweiwasser about furthering their trade relationship.  An agreement was made concerning support for the Salty Stick Tavern which is being constructed on the Black Pier just south of Drachenbruch, Zweiwasser.

Trade Kontor Asina

During the Summer Campaign, in the Realms Year 1019, the East Blackwood Company and Mitrasperanische Hanse discussed the future of the E.B.Co in Aisina. With the Hanse holding the main-trade contract, the E.B.Co was still interested in finding a way to expand their business into Asina.  Tares offered the idea of the E.B.Co being able to open a Trade Kontor in the city.  The official request will be written at a later date. 

Black Pier Construction

During the Convent of the Elements, Realms Year 1019, the E.B.Co discussed the opening of a tavern on the Black Pier, land that was granted the Company by Margrave Balor the Red of Zweiwasser.  Once the concept was cleared, Marik of the Embassy Guard was named as harbormaster but only after the renovation of the Pier and the construction of the tavern. The idea was presented to Biricus of Zweiwasser and later to the margrave himself.  All parties agreed, the E.B.Co must now only to draw up building plans and present the method of founding.

Hanse and East Blackwood Company

During the Convent of the Elements, Realms Year 1019, dealings between the Hanse and the East Blackwood Company continued culminating in the drawing, signing and sealing of a contract between the two company leaders.  Dagger of Blackwood is now a member of the Hanse and Tares O’Grady Windschreiter of the East Blackwood Company.

Sayeh of the E.B.Co Joins the S.H.G

During the Convent of the Elements, Realms Year 1019, Sayeh of Sapphire Isle was presented to the Seehandelsgilde. To assist with the proceedings, Ambassador Dagger presented Sayeh with a model of her ship a few days prior. The Governor, Frances of the S.H.G, sat down with Sayeh and Djako of the East Blackwood Company to discuss terms of membership.  At the conclusion of the discussions, Sayeh was admitted with the stipulation that she fill out her crew more.

River Trade in Schönweiler

The E.B.Co briefly met with Baron Fiete Münzer at the War of Ashes Campaign to Khal'hatra to discuss the river trade deal.  Currently, the situation suggests that word from the Realm of Roses Master of Coin is needed to continue business further. Conversations with Stordon von Zackenburg later explained why. 

Trade Embargo

The E.B.Co recently visited Goldwacht für the Münzfest.  There Dagger met with the city's trade minister Féwaé Méllinar Vitèz who informed the E.B.Co that Goldwacht was now under a near-complete trade embargo.  This effectively could force the people of the Münzquell into a quick decline should it persist for too long.  Further discussions on what could be done about the embargo took place, however, all possibilities seemed bleak at best.  Once the regent is informed of the conversations there will be more information on the state of trade affairs within the city.  Any assistance the E.B.Co could lend will only be done if the E.B.Co does not ruin its reputation in doing so.

Künstlergilde Request

To acquire the services of Meisterin Brillantherz of the Zottelbärten Clan, the E.B.Co promised instruments for the new Bard's Academy in the Eastern Seal. The E.B.Co, however, has no formal connections to anyone who could possibly provide the musical instruments. It is the E.B.Co's hope that building these trade relationships will be fruitful for all parties involved. The first contact attempt is Xy'kara Duara Alfannanin of the Guild.

Partners in the North?

At the Trade Summit in the Realm of Roses Camp during the Summer Campaign 16 Jahre n.d.E, the E.B.Co spoke with a wealthy northern merchant who proposed a partnership for trade in the North.   The partnership would only be lucrative to the merchant if it had a long-term gain.  The E.B.Co will work on their relationship with Lunorth and attempt to become their primary trading company in order to fulfill such partnerships in the future.  

Business with Ad Astra

The E.B.Co along with the Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle went to the Ad Astra Camp at the Summer Campaign 16 Jahre n.d.E to discuss trade instead of an embassy.  It was the opinion of the Embassy that the Free Citys were not what they were once thought to be and that it would be best to concentrate on trade through the E.B.Co.  The Ad Astra representative agreed to a potential presence of the E.B.Co but the E.B.Co would have to wait until the contract with the M.H. was finalized. 

Copperdale Trade for Lunorth

With the rise of the soon to be new Protector of Lunorth, Governor Niels Forbonte handed administration of trade over to Viktor Kettle.  At the Summer Campaign 16 Jahre n.d.E, Viktor entrusted the E.B.Co with a portion of Lunorth's resources to be traded for trainable-exotic animals and iron.  One of such trades was successful and the E.B.Co was able to potentially secure further trade deals in the future.  It is the wish of the E.B.Co that Lunorth expands its relationship with the E.B.Co.

S.H.G. Delivery and Captain Sayeh

Ambassador Dagger escorted the Baroness, and Captain, Sayeh of Sapphire Isle to the camp of the S.H.G. in the Tross at the Summer Campaign 16 Jahre n.d.E.  There, Sayeh delivered a trademark detailing the delivered goods resting at Porto Armatio.  Once the delivery was made, the group of the Baroness, the Ambassador and the Vice Governor discussed the potential of the baroness joining the S.H.G. After the Captains are spoken with it is expected that Sayeh will be sworn in at the Convent of the Elements next year.

Terra Tunnel Meeting and 

At the Convent of the Elements on the day following the Realm of Roses Trade Summit, the leader of Zackenberg, in the lands formerly known as Kelemthal, presided over the Terra Tunnel Meeting of which all those present at the Summit had been invited to. The meeting discussed the importance of repairing the Terra Tunnel in just over 40 days in order to transport the armies of Mythodea to the World Forge in time to defend it against the Forsaken.

It was agreed that two main project leaders would run the operation of the renovation.  A dwarf by the name of Master Muriel Brillantherz, of the Clan of the Zottelbärte was named as head of the underground operation and Dagger was suggested for the leadership of the above ground operation.  Only through interjection of the Kutscher Gilde did the Lord Zackenberg suggest that the two work together to lead the above-ground portion of the project.  All in attendance were in agreement and the two were given joint control over the above-ground work.  The E.B.Co. expects no trouble with the Kutscher Gilde as the two have grown close in the previous months.

The lord of Zackenberg has also expressed interest in the East Blackwood Companies ideas for River Trade.  Like the Baron Fiete Münzer, Zackenberg must also await permission from the Crown of Thornes and Roses before such a deal can be made.

Contract with Mitrasper-anische Hanse

In order to function as a logistics company without creating conflicts with the already established trade guilds of Mythodea,  Dagger approached Taras O’Grady of the Mitrasperanische Hanse to discuss Dagger of Blackwood’s business concept and gain the trust and permission of the Hanse.  Through the discussion, a contract was signed where the E.B.Co.  would operate for one year and one day as a daughter company of the M.H. In doing so, the E.B.Co. would be granted assistance in logistical building operations, would lend ships as needed and would be provided with contracting assistance.  

Schönweiler Acquisition Requests

Relations with Baron Fiete Münzer of Schönweiler within the Realm of Roses continued at the Convent of the Elements (2018).  An hour was found were Ambassador Dagger and Baron Fiete shared a bottle of wine while discussing matters of trade.  Feite explained that Schönweiler's river trade was performed via horse-drawn river boats through a series of way stations.  Dagger has requested to purchase portions of the ships, horses and the Way Stations on behalf of the East Blackwood Company.  Dagger awaits confirmation from Baron Fiete as Fiete must speak with the Court of Thornes and Roses before such a privatization can be made. 

Request of Creathorne and the Realms Embassy for Silver and Gold

In order to found the embassy and the foundation of the E.B. Co., Ambassador Dagger is writing the Head Ambassador of the Realms and the Lord of Creathorne to request raw gold and silver to be delivered to S.H.G. ports near Mythodea for conversion into Mythodean currency. 

E.B. Co.

The East Blackwood Company is a business idea of Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood. The idea is to purchase, or have made, a small fleet of river ships for transporting cargo up and down river within the Realm of Roses. So far, there have been a few leads as to how this could be achieved. With all likelihood, progress will first be made at the Convent of the Elements later this spring. 

S.H.G Contract

Bo Angusson Omnimagus Markgraf von Sternenquell Graf der Thingstedde Reichsritter zu Serria Captian der Seehandelsgilde met with Ambassador Dagger at a remote island village when their ships became stranded during a storm for a few days. Together, the two struck a deal of trade and navigator support which will allow for a stable connection between the Realms of Valehaven and Mythodea.

Three times a year, there will be a chance to bring in new settlers or send old settlers back through the Fog. Throughout the year, letters can be brought to S.H.G. ports outside of the Mythodean region where they will be taken and delivered to and from the Embassy. Goods will also be exchanged as S.H.G. ports for Mythodea and Easterly coin at an agreed rate.

Rosen Trade Council

At the Convent of the Elements there will be a meeting of traders and interested parties to trade within and outside of the Realm of Roses.  The Embassy will attend.