First Guard of the Embassy Guard,

Member of the East Blackwood Company

Born in a small town far in the north, Bødvar worked as a mercenary in several Expeditions and Adventures until one fateful event in a tavern in Moringaard.

Sir Dagger and some of the Guards were talking and playing dice there. Bødvar joined in and a couple of rounds later, he lost all of his money to the (cheating?) ambassador.

Without any coins left, Bødvar took the *generous* offer to work as a guardsman for a year and a day.

Since that time he can be seen protecting whatever or whoever he is told to.

As a special treatment, Bødvar is allowed to leave for adventures, when there is time.

 "Rule number one: Don't die sober!" - Bødvar Beerhunter

After several successful campaigns, Bødvar was formally promoted as a First Guard of the Embassy Guard.