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IT/IC:  The Ambassador

The Ambassador hopes to connect the various lands throughout the known multiverse.  With our locations in Bicolline, the Realms and Mythodea, we will be publishing news articles which can be collected and or distributed from our Embassy Member Locations.  - E.B.Co.

IT: The Ambassador

Der Botschafter hofft, die verschiedenen Länder während des bekannten Multiversums zu verbinden. Mit unseren Standorten in Bicolline, den Reichen und Mythodea werden wir Nachrichtenartikel veröffentlichen, die von unseren Botschaftsstandorten aus gesammelt und/oder verteilt werden können. - E.B.Co.

ATTN: OT/OOC -  This site is available IC/IT information published by the East Blackwood Company and its affiliates. 

As we continue to update our website with current events related to our Embassy and International LARP Project, we hope to end any confusion and or „bleed“ by providing a strictly IC news page which will include IC/IT available articles on events and cons transpiring around the world. - Embassy Team

ATTN: OT - Diese Website enthält IT-Informationen, die von der East Blackwood Company und ihren Tochtergesellschaften veröffentlicht werden.

Da wir unsere Website weiterhin mit aktuellen Ereignissen im Zusammenhang mit unserer Botschaft und dem internationalen LARP-Projekt aktualisieren, hoffen wir, jegliche Verwirrung zu beenden und oder "bluten" zu können, indem wir eine reine IT-Nachrichtenseite bereitstellen, die verfügbare IT-Artikel über Ereignisse und Nachteile enthält, die auf der ganzen Welt stattfinden. - Team der Botschaft

Once each year, the laird Keitel Wilkinson of Drei Eichen invites guests from all over to his estate, Drei Eichen or Three Oaks, in the Barony of Eckwalde within the Duchy of Harnac for a fair of sorts. The Duchy of Harnac rests within the northern domains of the Mittellande. In spite of the calming these past months, the...

A New Year and a New Knight of the Realms. Often the concept of knighthood in the Realms seems lost, and some have formulated opinions on how or what it is, or what it might mean to them.

Much has happened within the lands of Bicolline this winter, especially within the Empire. The long war with Haldorf appears to becoming to an end, rebels were put down and order was restored within an imperial province. The details of those stories has been reported by Gilbert, Lord of Reikwald, Grand Treasurer of the Empire bellow:

Realms Embassy had an Exploration team prepare in Tourg for an exploration mission aboard the warship Le Brûle Eau, captained by Admiral Enoch W. Arenberg, within the waters of Engelsbourg for a few months. To Dive and recover the sunken ship "The Guilded Lion," the Realms Embassy sailed from Tourg to Engelsbourg and recovered an archer for the...

The beginning of the year in The Realms should always be the start of new things. But at the Castle on January 4th was actually the end of the poker playing season. Throughout the year, Duke Tao of Clontarf kept track of the top 4 places in each poker tournament. Players earned points that would go towards the final table....

At the end of last year some time after the Summer Campaign in Mythodea, Count Beria de Eline traveled with some companions to Burg Amabis in Bishapur where he aided in the exorcism and defeat of an arch demon. This is the story of what happned as told by Cecilya of Porto Leonis.

Some 17 years ago the Katasha of Grimloch presented the concept of the Huntress Guild. 10 years ago Kyntela of Rhiassa brought the concept back to life. The Guild aimed to improve the fighting prowess and presence of female warriors within the Realms. To that end a tournament was born to celebrate and encourage female combat, the Tournaments of...

Charivari of the release of the University of Rouenbourg Charivari of the release of the University of Redbourg: or the art of consent and inclusive festivities: The University of Redbourg invited many gentes and mangens to come to participate in its festivities fall release 1019! The entrails of Limburg were open to those who attended for...